"Perfect Practise
makes Perfect
with Perfect Shot"

A "master piece" in the technology space.

Perfect shot is aimed at providing support for potential clients involved in Basketball, Netball, Coaches, Trainers and Sports clubs in achieving their goals for improving accuracy and precision, while providing training with a one of a kind master piece technology. We also provide post-sales support for our technology that is ready to roll out with a timely delivery.


Perfect Shot Technology

JCT & Sons Ltd is a family owned start-up company founded by Josh Te Rauna, inventor of the augmented reality sport training device, “Perfect Shot”.

JCT & Sons Ltd have been working with Massey University to successfully develop an augmented reality training aide to assist amateur and professional sports people to learn the optimal ball launch characteristics (e.g. basketball free throw). 

Our mission is to work with these people, “flip the coin” and help them to become the best they can be at throwing a ball – be this in basketball, netball, cricket, rugby, baseball, and all other ball sports where throwing a ball well is an integral part of the enjoyment of playing the game.

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01. Hand eye coordination

Perfect Shot Technology improves hand-eye coordination. For example in basketball, the athlete learns the optimal ball launch characteristics (starting with the free throw, then progressing to other situations).

02. Maximum trajectory and Visual Feedback

We Provide the athlete instant visual feedback (through a headset as they practice with the ball) of his/her trajectory versus the optimal trajectory for this type of shot, throw or pass. Perfect Shot immediately shows the athlete the correct trajectory needed compared to his/her actual throw, instead of being verbally told by a coach “You are too low or too high in your trajectory”. The athlete’s coach also sees (through his/her own headset) the correct trajectory compared to the athlete’s trajectory, and together they work to reach maximum success.

03. Throwing and passing skills

This is a ‘game changer’ for improving ball throwing, passing and shooting skills. The optimal trajectory in conjunction with the athlete’s height and distance to the hoop, have been scientifically developed, measured and tested, so that the athlete has an infallible guide and trajectory goal to aim for.

04. Future Development

Perfect Shot Technology are always developing our software to create a visual experience for both the athlete and coach.  Follow our socials and be up to date with all the latest media, content and future development!

05. Watch this space

Perfect Shot Technology are currently based in Palmerston North NZ. Our focus is to reach all parts of New Zealand. If you have any queries please contact us below

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